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Booking Policies



Our properties are privately owned and often are Strata Complexes so we adhere to Strata Laws in all properties.




1. An enquiry is not a booking until it has been confirmed and an account sent. You need to confirm with the deposit in 4 days (or by arrangement)

2. Deposit of 30% is required for the property to be held. Cancelations 2 weeks or more before occupancy all except $200 is refunded to your nominated bank account (or CC if paid by CC)

3. Balance in full 7 days before arrival unless other arrangements are made.

4. Bookings made 7 days or under before arrival require full payment by CC (charges apply) or proof of payment emailed to me.

5. Proof of all payments to be emailed to me in order to ensure I reserve the property for your stay.




1. We have many properties and enquiries so to be fair, we don’t hold a property unless confirmed pending a deposit. Should you indicate you are interested then decide not to proceed we value the communication from you that you are no longer interested. It makes our job so much easier.

2. Our minimum let is 8 days unless it fills a gap or follows on from an existing booking.

3. We have a policy of not booking our properties too far in advance as it causes unsustainable gaps and allows for us to accommodate extensions and early exits without penalties. The exception being Easter and Christmas where conditions apply.

4. Christmas is a minimum of 15 days and Christmas is defined as Wednesday before to 3rd Monday in January and is exclusive of public holidays.

5. Easter is the 8 day minimum and is from the Wednesday before till Thursday after and book in/out days are exclusive of public holidays