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1. Our minimum stay is 7 days, a gap or a lesser booking is accepted. No refund is given if the booking is started - The minimum stay and booking fee is charged

2. We ask for maximum notice of cancel downs but accept 5 days early termination. Mutual respect makes for a great stay

3. Cancelation up to 10 days before results in refund of all except $200 which is retained for administration and lost bookings

4. Lesser cancelations are charged on a pro-rata basis

5. The 30% can in some instances be used for an alternative booking.




Our properties are in grouped complexes or complexes governed by Strata Laws which require simple neighborly consideration.


1. We have a strict NO PARTY policy.

2. Our properties have a maximum guest policy for the comfort of others and as per strata laws. The booking must not exceed the number of booked guest adults and children.

3. Noise and improper conduct: Please respect us as the owners and neighbors and keep all noise to a minimum

4. Absolutely NO SMOKING inside and BUTTS must be disposed of responsibly. Your credit card WILL be debited with costs if any sign of smell or butts.

5. We expect our properties to be maintained whilst you are here and left in a clean and tidy condition when leaving

6. Please put your rubbish in the correct bins including recycling bins. Dispose of all open packages and packaging to enable the property to be serviced in a timely manner.

7. Good linen is supplied so please don’t spoil with cosmetics oils and fake tans.

8. It is a help if towels can be put in the washing machine (and turned on) on vacating

9. We are members of TICA which is Australia’s largest Tenant Data base and we will put delinquent tenants on their list.




1. BANK Transfer to nominated account. Please Quote invoice number to ensure your booking is credited and secure. Please forward bank receipt to me:

2. Credit Card with the following surcharges Visa and Master Card 2% or Amex 4%

3. Personal Cheque but allow 4 working days for it to be cleared.

4. Cash least preferred as it easily goes AWOL.




Standard unless prior discussion:


1. 30% deposit to secure in 4 days by CC or with email bank receipt proof (flagged by invoice number)

2. Balance in full before arrival with bank receipt (invoice number)

3. Longer stays (over 6 weeks) the deposit and 2 weeks on arrival then weekly. This is only available with prior agreement to approved companies/persons.

4. PATS patients must pay their portion 2 weeks and the booking fee in advance then weekly Strictly by arrangement

5. Credit card number must be supplied and pay for the $200 key security (or in Cash) should any additional cost be incurred they will be deducted before crediting to your card